Nine Lives - Expeditions to Everest, Robert Mads Anderson

12 Minutes To the Top of Everest: the Sunday Cafe Interview, New Zealand

Nine Lives – Expeditions to Everest – just click the arrow above to listen to the podcast.

“Books are going off like a dog in a Butchers Shop”

Perhaps only from a New Zealand interviewer would such a comment come?

A fun and fast interview taking me from Dubai to New Zealand, across the Seven Summits and up Everest – with a few pauses for the essential – “now why would you do that?’

Great questions, all answered here.

And if all else fails, maybe a quick listen and you can fall asleep?

Nine Lives – Expeditions to Everest. Available at fine book stores in New Zealand, and globally from Amazon, in both print and immediately on digital download. And also in a limited edition, superbly translated I might add, French edition, direct from Editions Paulsen in Chamonix. Photo: Alexander Hillary