Antarctica – an Out There Expedition Video for Our Locked in Times

As we contemplate life indoors for yet a bit longer – a few words in this excellent Antarctica video from Jimmy Chin:

Fear a great motivator, I’m never going to be able to keep up with them!”

Perhaps winning an Oscar just doesn’t prepare one for skiing with Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison in Antarctica after their descent of the Lhotse Couloir.

A conversation with Hilaree Nelson, Jim Morrison, Conrad Anker and a bit of time with Jimmy Chin.

Conrad Anker has made many expeditions south, but as he recounts, it is never without adventure, as he describes the winds on Mount Vinson:

“You are a fly on the anvil.”

Conrad in the fog of cooking yet another meal on our first expedition together in Antarctica. Exploring the Texas Glacier up to climb new routes on Vinson, and a few other unclimbed peaks in the area, including the first ascents of Mt Shinn, Mt. Atkinson and Mt. Mads in the Ellsworth Mountains.

With the snow changing by the year on Vinson, and slopes that 20 years ago seemed stable now avalanching, route possibilities are changing, the rock ridges are looking more appealing and the endless ski slopes we previously explored now have to be checked and rechecked.

The inevitable and ever terrifying ‘whoomph’ of the snow-pack is moving up from the glaciers and onto the mountain-sides – more with every passing year.

Jim Morrison, Hillaree Nelson, Wendy Searle, Jimmy Chin at Union Glacier Cafe Antarctica. Photo: Robert Mads Anderson for Explore7Summits
Jim Morrison, Hilaree Nelson, Wendy Searle (just back from her South Pole solo), and Jimmy Chin at Union Glacier Cafe Antarctica. Photo: Robert Mads Anderson/explore7summits

On sitting in tents, waiting out storms and contemplating avalanches overhead, Jim Morrison considers in the video the ability to “Get quiet with yourself.” Perhaps not bad advice right now for all kinds of situations we find ourselves in.

Prepping for the flight to Vinson Base Camp, Conrad stocks up on the essentials before his flight.