Everest, South Summit, Geneva Spur South Col

#Everest24 – Kami Rita Sherpa tops out for the second time in a week

While hundreds are stacked up on both the North and South sides of Everest awaiting their turn at the summit, Kami Rita Sherpa, snuck through again this morning and stood of the top of the world for a record 24th time.

Everest Summit ridge
Not far from the top of the world.


With Jagged Globe and Climb the Seven Summits both opting to wait for better weather, a few groups, of which Kami was one of, braved the winds and uncertainty, with Kami reaching the summit at 6:38 a.m.

“Kami Rita along with the Indian Police team from the Seven Summit Treks expedition has stood atop the roof of the world,” Sherpa told THT. Kami Rita reaches the top of Mt Everest guiding Indian team, he added.

His first climb of Everest was done in 1994, and he has had a long association with the American Guiding Company Alpine Ascents.

Everest, Lhotse, Tangboche Monastery
Everest, left, and Lhotse, right, from Tangboche Monastery.

As much as a single Everest expedition is known to challenge family life, Kami has been married since 1997, has two children and at the age of 49, still hasn’t talked of retirement.

An interview with Kami last year, with some good footage high on the peak, demonstrates a humble practicality that has served him well in his latest record.