Nine Lives – Expeditions to Everest, Digital Edition

As much as real paper, type on the page, and the feel of a good book is, sometimes that digital edition – the instant, in your hands readability of tale from the heights is quicker and more accessible. And it does save on trees, printing, shipping and storing – all that you will have is the pure story.

Nine Lives – Expeditions to Everest. Photo: Alexander Hillary

The American Edition of my book, Nine Lives – Expeditions to Everest is now available online. With one click ordering, you can start reading it in about 10 seconds.

If you want to gift it digitally, that simply takes one click on the right of the page under “buy for others” and you can gift it, with a personal message and have it delivered immediately, or on any date you choose.

Nine Lives on Everest, condensed into a minute, with quotes from everyone from Chris Bonington to Reinhold Messner.

If you prefer a podcast, we have that as well.

Should you still prefer to have a hard copy, the edition is available now at special holiday pricing direct from Vertebrate Publishing in the UK with shipping to anywhere in the world.

And once you have a read, should you be so inclined, reviews are always welcome.