Nine Lives - Expeditions to Everest, Robert Mads Anderson

Nine Lives – Expeditions to Everest, The Podcast Introduction

Here is a quick 5 minute audio introduction to my fourth book, Nine Lives – Expeditions to Everest

We were sitting around inside the surprisingly warm dining tent on Mount Vinson in Antarctica, already up at Camp One, so a day of climbing up the glacier already behind us. Tomorrow would be Christmas, so I was cooking, perhaps not a Turkey, but at the very least a few courses to see us through the day.

Headed towards Camp One on Mount Vinson. 24-hour daylight, a well packed trail, an overly sunny day. What could be better?

Conversation, as ever on expeditions, was wide ranging, and my book came up.

And the question from Jo Bradshaw was: “Will it be in audio format.”

I’d considered it, podcasts were easy and not that hard to do – but who should read it?

Jo Bradshaw with Rolfe Oostra presiding at our afternoon tea, Mount Vinson, Camp 1.

More encouragement came from the gallery:

“Just do it yourself. Those are the books I like best, when the author reads them.”

So here is a start. Just the introduction for now – though should it encourage you to want to read the rest, Vertebrate Publishing in the U.K. will ship them anywhere on Earth (and I’ll take one down for our Antarctic Logistics Library in Union Glacier), should we see you there.

If you live in New Zealand, you can buy one in any fine book store. As my New Zealand publisher pointed out, if they don’t have it, just ask. Or maybe you are not in a ‘fine’ book store?

Nine Lives - Expeditions to Everest, Robert Mads Anderson
Nine chapters and a bonus one – when I had just one more climb to the top for the fun of it.