Whiskey tasting (with a hint of moonshine) at the Yeti – Kathmandu

For those currently sheltering from the monsoon in Kathmandu, or just back from a long, probably damp three-week trek and fancying something a bit more distinctive than another beer – here’s what we recommend.
We were hosted by Proprietor Jim Jones to sample and advise on the Whiskey selection for his outdoor garden, set in the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu.
All of these are distinctive top shelf whiskeys and moonshine, some very popular already and all hailing from the Great American West. From Leopold Bros, the Denver Distillery and Wyoming whiskey.
Just in case you only want one – here are a few of the top quotes and ratings from the nine people across the line of nine whiskeys we sampled, in very discreet sips naturally.
IMG_3614All the fullness and flavour of a good bourbon whiskey but still ‘sweet with a bite.’ Our favourite of the more traditional whiskey.
IMG_3616Classic American whiskey with ‘a smooth finish and oak overtones.’
Very Drinkable, ‘Not spectacular.’
IMG_3615Rye whiskey, ‘hmm, no sweetness or oak here.’ Pure, simple and potent. 7/10


IMG_3617Moonshine. ‘Very like Rakshi. We are in Nepal after all.
‘Hints of lemon/lime?’
IMG_3622Apple pie shine, ‘I think I like it.’ ‘Cinnamon!’
Mix it up in a cocktail for fun.
4 or maybe 5+/10
IMG_3619Closer to brandy than whiskey. ‘Smells really good, of fermented peaches.’
‘Awesome over ice cream.’
IMG_3618Apple smooth. And tart. Good balance with the whiskey. ‘Amazingly smooth.’
6 or maybe 7/10
IMG_3620.jpg‘Cherry a good balance with whiskey, perhaps a splash of soda. And a fudge brownie.’
But there was some strong dissent on this one, also had a ‘tastes like mouthwash to me.’
Flambé a duck perhaps, or pair with dessert.
IMG_3621Great Blackberry taste, a good mix with this whiskey.
‘Tremendous and awesome.’  Our favourite of the flavoured mix.
IMG_3623And to finish the tasting, Coffee liquor. ‘Not sure I could?’
‘Awesome, is there an Earl Gray?’
Mix it up into an espresso Martini?    5/10


Many thanks for our panel of (now) connoisseurs – and to Jim for hosting the event.



Pairing with French fries and follow with a curry (10/10) recommended.