Blown Away. Camp 2 on Winter K2 a “Wreckage Site.” Now Nims Reveals his Back-up Plan

Nims went back up to Camp 2 and discovered “both our tents and all equipments that we had left there for the summit plan are all destroyed…”

But not to be deterred, Nims admits he “always has a back up plan for a back up plan.”

They plan on doing additional load carries and carry on fixing lines up to Camp 4, weather permitting.


While obviously a major setback, it may also be good to get the experience early on of just what the mountain is like in this season, to prepare for the undoubtably bigger challenges above. Let’s hope he also has another paraglider.

Nims is no stranger to adversity and would never have expected this to be easy. He writes:

“Setbacks are inevitable in life especially when you are pushing your limits and it should only make you stronger.” fb

John Snorri and his team are concerned about their equipment up high, but John writes he roped their tent down, yet still expects it to be in bad condition. He also mentions that some of the oxygen may have flown down the mountain. He is “planing to use coming window to go from BC to C2.

Meanwhile Mingma G. is holding in Base Camp with the ever changing weather:

“We are waiting in Base camp for good weather to come. Weather forecast keeps on changing so we will stay here in base camp for more days.” fb

Earlier he mentioned that if their own tents were gone, they would be heading home – with their experience and strong team hopefully they can regroup and await a pause in the January storms.

And now perhaps, amongst the tent shredding winds, the bone numbing cold and through the endless wave of sponsorship logos – through the wonders of google translate, we hear from Tamara Lunger’s climbing partner Alex Gavin who has a take on climbing that perhaps some of us appreciate?

Dear friends, my dear ones, known and unknown, souls you give from your life to read these,

It is no coincidence that I chose not to write anything from the moment I left Skardu. In the meantime, we arrived at the base camp and returned even after the first acclimatization ascent from over 6000 meters on the wonderful, formidable and great teacher named Chogori. That is, K2, as the West has renamed it about 150 years ago.

Now we are waiting for the next window of good weather to be able to continue the ascent safely. Because "safety" is one of the keywords in each of my high altitude expeditions.

After every day, moment by moment, with joy in your soul, with responsibility, strategy, flexible tactics and a lot of gentleness, you do everything in your power and even beyond that, the tip becomes just the bonus.

The peak becomes pressure only when personal success or failure (but what does all this really, authentically represent?) Is determined by the judgment of others. In fact, your concern about this judgment. It will always exist anyway, it will always be present as long as there are people on the planet in different stages of their own learning process, of their own process of evolution and transcendence in love of self, fellows and everything. there are both those seen to the eye and those not seen, but felt to the soul.

In winter you get deathly cold and ennervating winds – in summer you get bar-b-ques