K2 – ‘snow over our heads’ and Nirmal Purja heads for the top.

While a Sherpa fixing ropes high on K2 above Camp 4 commented that the snow was “over his head,” the amazing Nirmal Purja has plans to move forward with his Project Possible and attempt K2.

In a year where much was looking good, the snows above Camp 4 leading to the summit have been reported as everything from 1.4 meters and deeper, and obviously highly unstable, with several teams caught in small avalanches and now retreating.

The highly experienced Garrett Madison has opted to bring his team down, as have a number of other commercial expeditions.

Nirmal’s plan for K2 is certainly bold, but with a few strong Sherpas and with Seven Summits Treks still hanging in there, let’s hope they find the high slopes a bit more stable than others. Or maybe, as many on K2 need to be, just plain lucky.

From Facebook this evening he says:

“After successfully summiting G2 I’ve arrived at K2 basecamp to find most teams packing up and abandoning their expeditions. Clearly this isn’t an option for the “Bremont Project Possible 14/7”.

It’s now confirmed that I will be heading up the summit fixing team of 5 Sherpas ; 2 from the seven summit treks and 3 including myself from the Project Possible team. We will be heading up for the summit push on the 24th.

I know no one is bigger than nature, but with hope, belief and determination we will be pushing for summit on the 24th. The remaining climbers will follow 24 hrs later due to safety reasons . I hope the mountain will allow us all a safe passage.

If I’m honest , I could have gone to Broad peak and then follow up K2 but there’s a lot of hope in my team hence I’m intentionally heading towards K2. 🙌🏽🙏

Let’s hope his luck continues to hold and he finds a way safely through the snow and onto the summit.

Meanwhile our group of 15 trekkers head for our launch point in Skardu to start our walk into the Karakoram. Seems like a good year to be looking up at K2, not up there looking down.