Nims granted permit for Shishipangma – on his way to finish all 14 – 8,000 meter peaks in under 7 months

Direct from Nims today, the news he has been granted permission to attempt Shishipangma in the rapidly fading fall season.


With undoubtably a little diplomacy, and perhaps fortuitous that the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping was just in Nepal, Nims posted:

“With full of mix emotions ; I feel very humble, thankful and proud today. Finally me and my team has got the permit to climb Shishapangma.
I would like to thank the government of Nepal for approaching China on my behalf for this project and I would also like to thank the government of China for considering my application and allowing me to climb Shishapangma this year .
Equally, I would like to thank the Ministery of foreign affairs Nepal, Department of Tourism, Embassy of a China in Nepal , NMA, CTMA, TMA and all my friends who helped me ( you all know who you are ) to make this happen. Thank you to all for taking this “Bremont Project Possible” as OUR project. My heart and soul is full of joy with mixed emotions.
Now, you have given me the opportunity, I will deliver my promise.
I’m looking to complete this project within 6 months .
I love you all and big thank you to my wife @sus_xox for bearing with me and being that “strong woman”- Without your support I wouldn’t have come this far.”

Posted from Facebook.

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Climbing from Camp 1 to Camp 2 on Shishipangma regular route.

Of course he has to still do the climb, a not insignificant undertaking, particularly this late in the season.

Historically there have often been some good windows in October, and the regular route on Shishipangma, if that is what he chooses, isn’t difficult considering his experience and the year he has had.

Shishipangma from Base Camp.