Sherpa K2 Winter Expedition Announce Schedule, John Snorri Shoots for Camp 2 and Nims Trains in the Khumbu

The Nepalese Sherpa Winter K2 Expedition has just left Skardu and are headed into the mountains. With a planned arrival time at Base Camp set for December 20/21, they will be starting their climb just inside the official beginning of winter.

There are many arguments as for when winter starts and ends, and when you should start and finish your climb by.

Dates are all important when setting records, but as long as the teams are transparent in recording their times, the conditions they will all be facing seem horrific enough that from now through March any summit will be a significant achievement.

The Nepali Sherpa Team’s schedule:

“Today we departed from Skardu.
Our estimate trekking schedule will be,
Dec12.Skardu to Askoli Drive
Dec13. Ashkoli to Jhola
Dec14. Jhola to Paiyu
Dec15. Paiyu to Khurbuche
Dec16. Khurbuche to Urducas
Dec17. Urducas to Goro-2
Dec18. Goro2 to Irani Camp
Dec19. Irani Camp to K2 base Camp
Dec20-21: Base Camp Set up and we will start further climbing plan according to weather condition.”

Meanwhile, up on the mountain itself, John Snorii updates on fb…

“I am getting ready for tomorrow, the first rotation and first load of gear, through the ice fall up to ABC (high camp), we will mark our way. If everything is going well we will start accent to camp 1 and fix the lines on the mountain. We will aim on working when the weather is good.

Then on the 13th we will have another good day, that day we plan to take the second lode all the way to camp 1 and start fixing the lines to camp 2.

We will at least work hard whenever we have an opportunity.”

From Kathmandu, updates from a member of Nims Purja’s team is to that they are headed out to the mountain soon. Nim’s is in training in the Khumbu and writes this:

“Always an immense respect to all the high altitude porters ! 🙌🏽🙏🏽.

Training for the #k2winter in the Khumbu valley.

Distance covered = 7km uphill
Altitude = 3,800m
Load = 40 kg
Time = 60 mins
Still got it 🤜🏽🔥

P.S (Me and my Porter Nischal swapped the load, he’s the one who’s filming , still managed to got him man-down ;)”