From New Routes up Everest without Oxygen to Landing at the North Pole in a Biplane. Triumphs, Tragedies and the Occasional Tear from the Heights.

In his podcast series Whiskey and a Map, Michael J. Reinhart interviews explorers from around the world, starting with the premise:

“Imagine yourself seated in your favorite pub. A map lying out on the old wooden table. Whiskey liberally poured into your glass. Your guest places a finger on the map and begins “there I was …”

My interview had to start with a story from The New York’s Explorers Club, a place where more than a few of my adventures have been launched.

On the slopes of Everest, headed up the Lhotse Face. Photo: Robert Mads Anderson

With a host of topics, from adventures flying a biplane to the North Pole, to new routes in the Antarctic, to our new climb on the Kangshung Face, Everest, without oxygen, we traversed the globe.

What was more interesting, was less the where of the expeditions, and more the how and the what.

The fears of first ascents completed solo in the remoteness of Antarctica.

Plotting new routes and the thinking behind conceiving, choosing the team and leading a new route up Everest’s largest face.

Landing at the North Pole, with the engine running and a hope and a prayer it would keep running as we paused for a few photos before taking off for another 15 plus hour flight on to Svalbard Norway.

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