K2 in Winter. Summited? Missing? Lost? Being Rescued?

One of the hardest things about tracking climbers on the high mountains now is there is too much information, much of it of dubious value.

Historically people went away on their expedition and the overriding question was “Where are they now?” With K2 Winter today, we still don’t know categorically where the climbers are or what is happening to them.

K2 on a warm summer day. The Abruzzi Spur the climbers are on is the right skyline – brutally exposed to the winds.

We can get data so frequent we are almost walking in a climbers footsteps, as long as their GPS trackers are charged and the GPS is working properly, which as anyone knows who has used one, not particularly reliable. ExplorersWeb put the primary trackers on their site so you could follow them, but right now none seem to be working.

The summit? As reported today in a number of Pakistani Press, Ali Sadjpara and John Snorri summited, but the source of this information is unlisted. It could be true – or not?

Meanwhile, over on Gripped.com, they report the summit has not been reached, and a rescue may be starting today.

So we await some real news, which will most likely come from Alan Arnette who has been providing very timely updates and is someone not swayed by the rumors of the day.

What we can be relatively sure of, is Juan Pablo Mohr, Ali Sadpara and John Snorri are somewhere high on K2, hopefully headed down to safety as fast they can.

What we do know – on K2 the wind is going up, way up.